Hello and welcome!

This site has been created with a bleeding-heart ambition to demonstrate Love.  How I foresee this demonstration materializing is through a two-step process I would like to introduce as

An interview with the Soul— Prophetically explorating and showcasing the human heart

and then featuring

An illumination of the Self— Acknowledging a hidden beauty through creative expression.

As an artist, my vision is to feature people.  I will engage each creative project with the sole focus and source of inspiration coming from one individual person.  Being a prophetic and hyper-spiritual person, having a gift of seeing deeply into people and recognizing designs of glory, and once capturing that spiritual blueprint, then allowing my prophetic gift to partner with my creative one, being artistically articulate.  The goal is to translate beauty. The purpose is to supernaturally know people.

Interacting with sensitivity and risk with Holy Spirit to navigate human emotion, conduct an interview with the heart, asking the right questions, exploring the feelings, honoring the story and translating it in excellence.  I want people to be seen. I desire that people feel safe to be themselves and not feel like a project.  I desire that people feel safe to say how they really feel and not feel obligated to say what they’re expected to say.

This ambition has no religious agenda behind it and no one is seen as an object of outreach.  This is just Love wanting to create a safe place for people to be seen, known and showcased.  This is the family room where everyone belongs.

I ache with the most sincere desire to get my Love out and Love hard.  To get my hands dirty and get a little messy.  I truly feel divinely assigned to this.  And since this draws from my purpose, this assignment is the kind that won’t exhaust my soul but actually energize it as I pour into this.  I have found that when you take a risk to partner with what God is doing and it’s in the overflow of your purpose, there’s an anointing that equips and sustains it.  It’s truly extraordinary. It’s holy.

So I’m ready to watch God breathe on some hearts and I’m ready to inhale the fragrance.

If you are interested in partnering with this assignment, I fully intend to have this site facilitate a creative collaborative with a plethora of different mediums.  Or if you are interested in being interviewed/showcased, go click the contact feature in the toolbar above and let’s get connected!